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My mission is to use my hands for the manifestation of God's Beauty, creating confidence and exhibiting God's love through my brushes. I aspire to inspire you to unconditionally love your fearfully and wonderfully made, perfectly imperfect self, while spreading love and lipstick, one beautiful face at a time.


You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.”

~ Song of Songs 4:7, NLT


Who is Toni-Michele, you ask?


She is a certified freelance makeup artist in New York City. She is a wife, mother-of-three, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. While she holds a masters degree in Public Administration, and has a heart for people and service, she has always had a love for the artistry behind makeup. Because of this, she takes pride in providing a beauty encounter never to be forgotten.

A Toni-Michele beauty encounter is an extraordinary experience with a personal approach. She has mastered the art of delivering a grandeur feel. Constructed in 2016, her services are rooted in compassion, empathy and empowerment. With precision, she specializes in providing each of her clients (affectionately referred to as Lovies) with a custom, soft yet alluring and exquisite, look guaranteed to enhance the beauty that is already there. Whether professional or recreational, Toni-Michele is readily available to meet all of your beauty needs from weddings to one-on-one sessions, and Lovies are always astonished and thrilled by their look and/or learned technique. Using love as the driving force behind each stroke of her brush, Toni continues to reign as the leading makeup authority.


You are a blank canvas, so just come as you are and we will take it from there. 

Communicating with her clients is a huge part of what she loves so much about her business. She remains friends with many of her Lovies long after she has finished their initial sessions together, and she enjoys receiving photos and videos from what she calls "Lovey Cam." She wants to be here for you in every way possible, and encourages you to ask questions, suggest ideas, and play a hands-on role in the planning process. So, let's start your journey... the following is a list of ways to get in touch with her, so you always feel cared for.

INSTAGRAM: @tonimichele.mua

FACEBOOK: @toni-michele.mua

Love & Lipstick,

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