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When did you fall in love with Makeup?

Hey Loveys!!!!

Ever get up in the morning and just “don’t feel like it?” I mean, you’re not in a good mood… you’re not in a bad mood, you just feel “blah.” How do you motivate yourself to not look like how you feel? Me… I turn to makeup. Some of you have asked when or how did I fall in love with makeup. Well… here’s the story.

Growing up, one of my most favorite people in the world was my Big Sister-in-Love, Sharon. She suffered from Sickle-cell Anemia. As many of you know, that is a debilitating disease that attacks the red blood cells and causes TERRIBLE pain. Sharon lived in a constant state of pain… every single day. But the most amazing thing about her, is that she never complained. EVER. She played the hands that she was dealt, and she did it with grace, class and dignity.

But here’s the thing about Sharon, she NEVER left the house without her makeup on…. And at the least… she had her lipstick on, and kept it close. She told me, “Toni, don’t dress how you feel, dress how you want to feel. AND THAT INCLUDES MAKEUP. Always remember that when you look in the mirror, you may not like what you see. So, make yourself up and once you are comfortable and pleased with what you see, remember that the beautiful image that you see (post-slay), is how GOD sees you when you’re a blank canvas (pre-slay). He thinks you are wonderful …. In fact, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image. And guess what else, He loves little ole perfectly imperfect you!”

So …. I say all of this to say, that when I am not feeling my greatest, mentally/emotionally or physically, I get up, dust myself off and SLAY my face. I put a smile on my face, then thank GOD for my Angel Sharon. She taught me to be grateful to GOD that we don’t look like what we’ve been through.

So…. How will you slay today? Me, in honor of Sickle-cell Awareness month, I’m rocking this red lip. Smile…. GOD thinks you are wonderful.

Love & Lipstick,


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2 comentarios

Justine Shannon
Justine Shannon
18 jun 2023

Awesome testimon. God will turn pain into purpose. Wow, glad you went for it now you are blossoming♥️.

Me gusta

Lovely! Proud of you sis.

Me gusta
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